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Target Groups

With over 4 billion Internet users worldwide and over 300 million users holding cryptocurrencies, these users are Daren’s primary target customer group.
Daren’s Empowerment Groups
  • Web3 Communities: Daren provides exclusive Profile customization to help communities build their own homepage
  • NFT/Token Project Parties: Daren can empower project parties with their NFT and tokens
  • Web3 Businesses: Daren provides exclusive access to business and community matchmaking to help Web3 Businesses build their brands quickly.
  • Transformation Pioneers: Daren can help Web2 merchants who want to transform Web3 to build their brand and community matchmaking.
Daren’s Earning Groups
  • Service Providers: Users who have a skill and want to make money by providing services
  • Merchandise Providers: Web3 merchants who have high quality products and want to make money by selling them
  • KOLs who want to cash in on the traffic: enjoy the profits by bringing goods to the merchants, and enjoy the rebates by inviting users into Daren
  • Community members who want to earn community bounties
  • Ordinary users who want to make money: earn profits by sharing products, get dividends by participating in the construction of the platform, and enjoy the dividends brought by the continuous growth of the platform
Daren’s Consumer Groups
  • People who have crypto and want to spend it: buying goods and enjoying services
  • Community members who want to buy community products
  • Project parties who want to purchase web3 services