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Daren's Solutions

Daren can provide you with the following solutions, 90% of our solutions are now officially available
Business Boost
  • Community profiling: Commercial entities analyze community characteristics through Daren to screen suitable communities
  • Community connection: Commercial entities can connect communities by setting up position linkage, profit sharing plans, etc.
  • Brand building: Business can enhance brand influence by casting NFT through Daren
Community Empowerment
  • Cooperation Concession: Set community exclusive NFT/tokens for members to enjoy discounts, group purchases and other benefits
  • Benefits Distribution: Communities can distribute benefits through NFTs
  • Business Collaboration: Community can earn rewards by participating in promotions
User growth
  • Transaction Mining: Daren will reward users when trading, creating a positive cycle
  • Profit Sharing: Stimulate users to actively share services and solve the pain point of attracting consumers in the early stage of opening a store
  • Invitation Rebate: Social fission through token-incentivized invitation behavior
Decentralized Mechanism
  • Decentralized Order: The transaction process is on the chain to ensure the openness, transparency and security of transactions
  • Arbitration Mechanism: Implement the governance of DAO by way of arbitration
  • DAO Dividend: Become a DAO member through deep participation in platform construction, collaborative governance, and enjoy the dividends