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Our main ways of collaboration include the following three:
Businesses Move In
  • Give support for traffic, flagship blue label, popular service recommendation, etc.
  • Connecting communities for commercial entities and precipitating seed users
  • Help build brand and enhance influence Official joint AMA & Sweepstakes
Community Onboarding
  • Connect the community with brands, and the community can earn revenue by participating
  • Facilitate discounts from brands to community NFT holders
  • Provide NFT vouchers for the community to give benefits to members
  • Official joint AMA & Sweepstakes
Daren Co-Building
  • Invite friends to get permanent rebate
  • Share your services and get a share of the profits
  • Trading in the platform can get DT earnings
  • Participate in platform co-build can upgrade Daren Monster, eventually become Daren DAO partner, enjoy the dividends
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